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Air Products supplies gases and technology to many different industrial companies across the world. The products range from cryogenic liquids used to freeze produce in the food industry, to gases and equipment used in a diverse range of industries from steel makers to electronics manufacturers, chemical plants to hospitals, commercial deep sea divers to balloonists.

Air Products' engineers have an in depth understanding of the products & equipment.
This enables them to achieve better results from the application of the processes. All the equipment they use and install is designed for safety, as well as efficiency.


Air Products offers the following as part of the Service Plus programme:

Process evaluation: The review of existing (or proposed) process systems to improve costs, safety and efficiency. This evaluation can be as simple as evaluating pressure losses along a pipeline to complex process integrations.

Process optimization: To implement the results of the process evaluation.

Project management: Air Products offers a turn key management facility. This covers civil, electric, electronic and mechanical systems.

Equipment: In addition to our standard range of enabling equipment ranging from food freezing tunnels to burner flow control skids, Air Products can supply further tailored or specialist equipment to suit specific customer processes.

Distribution systems: The supply and installation of gas distribution systems from point of supply to point of use. The systems will be fully pressure tested and certificates supplied.

Telemetry: A remote monitoring package for process equipment and gas storage facilities is available.

Inspection: Air Products will arrange contract inspection of customer owned gas related equipment, to ensure it complies with statutory and industry requirements.

Maintenance: Air Products' engineers carry out contract maintenance of customer owned or Air Products owned equipment.

Pressure testing: The supply of pressure testing and leak detection
services for all applications.

APEX™: Industrial Gas Services are provided by Air Products' specialist nitrogen and hydrogen services group (APEX™) and include purging, pressure testing, helium
leak detection, reactor cool down and back-up services for use during plant shut down periods. Pressures can be supplied up to 690 barg and flow rates up to 25,000 Nm 3/hr.

Analytical Services: Air Products' specialists conduct gas analysis at the customer site. This may include in-line or sampling techniques, emissions characterization and process support often specific to the electronics industry.

Training: Tailor made training packages are available covering the wide range of products and systems supplied by Air Products.

These include:
Properties of gases
Handling of gases
Operation of equipment
Refresher training on the operation/safety of equipment
Legislative training

Safety, health and environment: Our specialists are able to offer a technical advice service for safety, health and environment issues which include HAZOPs, hazard reviews, consequence analysis, reliability analysis etc.

Emergency cover: A 24 hour technical response for both Air Products and customer owned gas related equipment. All supplies are subject to Air Products' Terms and Conditions.

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