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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is an international supplier of industrial gases and related equipment and specialty and intermediate chemicals. With operations in over 30 countries, we are committed to building lasting commercial relationships based on understanding our customers' businesses. And through this understanding, we continually find ways to help our customer win in their markets around the world-while maintaining our focus on being an industry leader in safety, health, and preservation of the environment.

Although the company's products are available to a wide variety of industries, today, nearly 50% of Air Products' total sales go to the Chemical Process Industry (CPI). With increased global competition, manufacturers in the CPI are being challenged to produce better quality products with fewer resources and lower costs. Air Products' technological innovations, both production and applications based, have been assisting CPI customers do just that - reduce costs, increase production and obtain greater operating flexibility and reliability. The company supplies customers in the refining, petrochemical, specialty chemical and life science industries via a complete range of industrial gas options: including pipeline hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen; onsite hydrogen and synthesis gas plants; cryogenic and non-cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen plants; merchant supplied liquid; cylinders; APEX Industrial Gas Services for turnarounds and more. Our chemical products also find use in an expansive range of market within the chemical processing industry. Our product line includes acrylic and polyvinyl acetate based emulsions, alkyl and specialty amines polyfunctional and cyclic amines and amine derivatives, polyurethane intermediates and additives, epoxy additives and specialty resins, and acetylenic chemicals.

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