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Innovative Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

With increasing regulatory pressure and growing customer demand for better products, the pulp and paper industry faces many challenges. To be successful, the industry must find new ways to improve environmental and process performance, enhance product quality, and reduce operating costs.

For over 40 years, Air Products has been helping the industry by providing innovative solutions to such challenges. We work closely with pulp and paper manufacturers to design, develop, and implement improvements throughout the mill.

For example, we're a world leader in the manufacture of industrial gases and chemicals that are used extensively to improve pulp and paper quality, help plants meet environmental guidelines, and reduce processing and other operating costs.

Air Products also designs, constructs, and operates environmental and energy facilities that produce energy and reduce the cost of solid waste disposal. And we strive to anticipate future industry needs. Our research teams work with industry specialists to find new ways to increase manufacturing efficiency, meets demanding environmental compliance guidelines, and improve product quality and performance.

Air Products manufactures and distributes both Surfynol® and Dynol™ Additives and Airflex® and Vinac® emulsions for paper coatings applications.

Air Products' Technologies and Services for the Pulp and Paper Industry:

  Steam/Power Generation
  Chemical Pulp Mill
  Paper Machine
  Hog Fuel Boiler
  Wastewater Treatment
  Polymer Emulsions
  Surfynol and Dynol Additives

Air Products provides a comprehensive range of Products and Services to suit customers from all industries - whatever your industry we can meet your requirements.

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