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The road to independence: Air-Products on-site gas generation systems

Air Products PRISM® systems provide small to medium size gas requirements up to 100 MTD, and are used in a wide variety of industries and applications; ranging from snack foods and soft drinks production to the glass, metals, electronics and chemicals manufacturing industries.

PRISM® Nitrogen system applications include:
PRISM® Oxygen applications include:
Inerting in the electronics, chemical and
petrochemical industries
Oxyfuel burner technology in the glass and
metals industries
Curing in the tyre industry
Oxygenation for fish farming, waste water
treatment and the pulp and paper industry
Preservation in food packaging
Plastic injection moulding
Grinding in the pharmaceutical industry  
Almost all markets that would traditionally have been supplied by trucked-in liquid, and all applications using gaseous nitrogen and gaseous oxygen can benefit from up to 50% cost saving, and 100% security of supply provided by Air Products PRISM® systems.
  Air Products PRISM® systems give you:
100% security of supply
Up to 50% cost saving
Exact matching of production capacity and gas purity for
each application, thanks to the ability to combine different
gas generation technologies
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