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Since our formation over 60 years ago, Air Products has provided innovative solutions to meet the gas requirements of our customers. In fact, Air Products pioneered many of the developments that have made industrial gas plants an integral part of modern industry. Air Products continues to strive to provide safer, more economical, and more reliable long-term supplies of industrial gas.

Today we provide On-site Gas Generation Systems that include small membrane cabinets, packaged plants, large air separation and hydrogen/carbon monoxide/syngas plants and industrial gas pipelines. The systems are broken into two general classifications:
Generated Gases and Tonnage Gases.

Generated Gases can supply:

Oxygen and Nitrogen: up to 100 tonnes per day
Continuous or sporadic usage
Low purity to ultra-high purity requirements
Low and high pressures

Generated Gas Systems benefit customers not only by providing economical gas supply but also by creating environmental advantages through reduced truck deliveries. Whether you are based in a remote area, or in an urban environment, our Gas Generation Systems can be equipped with advanced telemetry and control for remote monitoring, combined with locally based engineers, available 24 hours a day, which will ensure smooth running of the equipment and give you peace of mind.

Tonnage Gases can supply:

Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Syngas, Oxygen , Nitrogen and Argon
Volumes up to 3,000 tonnes per day of oxygen from an individual plant
and up to 200 tonnes per day for Hydrogen
Supply through pipeline or from on-site plant

Air Products brings benefits to its Tonnage Gases customers by providing a support network of hundreds of engineers and staff with expertise in plant operations. In addition to the support network, Air Products has on-location staff to support the smooth and reliable operation of all our plants. In 1999 alone, Air Products received more than 30 awards from major customers citing the quality, performance and reliability of its products, services and technical support.

In Summary, whether you are a Generated Gases or Tonnage Gases customer, Air Products provides a complete range of engineering services from concept and project management, through to plant design and construction, to the installation, operation and maintenance of the units. Teams of qualified, experienced engineers and support staff are ready to make available Air Products' expertise, providing the optimum total gas generation package to suit your needs.


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