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In today's globally competitive environment you have to have the best technology in your glass furnace. You need an experienced supplier who can implement the technology safely and effectively. At Air Products we have been providing innovative solutions to our glass customers for over 20 years.

Air Products has the technology and expertise glassmakers need to improve their glass melting operations. The high luminosity, low momentum Cleanfire® burner is the benchmark in the glass industry with well over 1000 burners installed today. Customers worldwide have entrusted Air Products with their furnaces and implemented our technology in over 150 furnaces producing more than 7000 tons per day of glass. Air Products is the clear leader in oxy-boost applications supplying over 80% of the installations worldwide. The two Float Glass furnace using 100% Oxy-fuel both have Air Products Cleanfire® HR burners at the heart of the system. Our Cleanfire® HR consistently wins in head to head trials with other flat flame burners, and provides higher fuel efficiencies of more than 10%. Combined with our optimized oxygen supply, an Air Products system can save around $4 Million a year on a large furnace, when compared to air fuel technology.

Whatever your needs; gas supply, combustion systems, technology assistance, safety training programs, and consulting services, Air Products has the people, products and services to optimize your glass melting operation.

Air Products provides a comprehensive range of Products and Services to suit customers from all industries - whatever your industry we can meet your requirements.

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