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Air Products Direct: Your Online Connection

A key objective of our e-Business program is to provide our customers with tools and information that can help smooth the buying process. We've created the Air Products Direct (APDirectSM) Customer Portal with just that in mind, and we expect it to continue to expand as we enhance our customers' direct connection to Air Products.


Here's what Air Products Direct provides to our customers:

Ability to purchase products on-line in a secure environment.

Review of order status, order tracking, purchasing history, and other customisable reports
    and documents, like invoices and Certificates of Analysis.

Ability to create links to value-added, customer-specific information, such as telemetry data,
    on-line technical information and discussions, collaborative research and development data,
    and chemical product sample ordering.

Register now for APDirect and our growing e-business suite of applications! Visit the Air Products Direct Customer Portal page by clicking here.

More information on B2B connections, collaboration and procurement can be found on or by emailing us.


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