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Welcome to Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - the world's only combined gases and chemicals company.

Air Products and Chemicals is the world's only combined gases and chemicals company. Founded more than 60 years ago, our business generates annual revenues of $5.7 billion and operates in over 30 countries. Air Products is a market leader in the global electronics and chemical processing industries, and a long-standing innovator in many industrial chemicals markets, including coatings, adhesives and polyurethane foam. Through joint ventures like Air Products Polymers GmbH - a partnership between Air Products and Wacker Chemie GmbH - we combine experience and technology strengths with truly global supply capabilities.

Understanding is what we at Air Products understand best.
We distinguish ourselves through our 18,000 employees around the world, who build lasting relationships with their customers and communities based on understanding, integrity and passion. From Surfynol®, the world's only defoaming surfactant, to


DABCO® catalysts, which make much of the world's polyurethane foam, to Airflex® polymer dispersions, which revolutionized how things are bonded - they're all innovative technologies that have more than met their performance challenges. By understanding the needs of our clients, innovation is where we excel.

Our unique and extensive chemicals offering.
For over 40 years our chemicals business has been providing differentiated chemistries to a myriad of industries and applications on a global scale. We strive to make formulators' lives a lot easier and to help them to meet the latest environmental regulatory standards.

Electronics Chemicals - Our electronic chemicals, equipment and on-site management for fabs.

Epoxy Curing Agents and Diluents - Our full line of high performing epoxy curing agents and modifiers for a wide variety of applications in the coatings, adhesives, and composites industry.

Industrial Amines - Higher amines, and specialty amines provided with market-dedicated production capacity and unmatched safety and handling expertise, backed up by leading edge customer service support.

Polyurethane Additives - We are leading the way in Polyurethane Additives with our unique product portfolio of amine catalysts, silicone surfactants and non-silicone surfactants providing unique performance attributes and low emission.

Polyurethane Intermediates - We are the leading supplier of TDA and DNT to the Polyurethane industry for the production of TDI.

Selective Flourination - Building on 30 years' experience in the generation and use of elemental fluorine, we are a leading global supplier of site-selective fluorination reagents and custom-manufactured fluorinated intermediates to life science and fine chemical industries.

Surfynol Additives - Our unique multifunctional problem solvers for high performance applications in coatings, inks, graphic arts and adhesives.

All our offerings are backed up by our expert applications support personnel who rigorously match precise product properties to meet specific end-use applications in close partnership with our customers. Our broad technology base and global laboratory network provides significant flexibility in this achievement.

For information about our product offering for Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Africa, call +31 (30) 285 7100 or send us an email:

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