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Deliver the Difference - The Air Products Difference

We will be the best company to work for, the best company to buy from, and the best company to invest in. We will do this through -

Our People
. their understanding, integrity, passion, and individuality
Our Customer Relationships
. built on customer understanding, innovation, and meeting commitments
Our Shareholder Support
. becoming shareholder-friendly by meeting our targets for return on capital and growth

Our One Company Focus

We will create shareholder, customer, and employee value through market, operational, and corporate leadership.

To win, we align and agree to:
Visibly value our people in a positive work environment.
Portfolio Management
Continuously improve our return on capital and manage our portfolio.
Create growth through innovation and the creation of superior products and services
for customers.
Work Process
Reduce our costs through work process simplification.

Our One Company Commitment

Means understanding and listening to our customers as One Company by:

Taking the best of the best and bringing it to our customers faster.
Providing value for our global businesses through one infrastructure.
Simplifying and standardizing global work processes.
Globally uniting by sharing our knowledge across regions, businesses, and groups.

Our Guiding Values

Each one of us feeling it’s up to me.

It’s cherishing new ideas and translating them into actions.
It’s behaving ethically and being true to our words.
It’s teams, achieving their full potential through the contributions of each individual.
Safety, Health, and the Environment
It’s responsibly caring for each other, our communities, and the global environment.

Our Working Environment

Our competitive global marketplace requires a working environment which visibly demonstrates our commitment to our people. We will foster trust through open communication and consistent actions. We will share a collective understanding of our company’s success and, with a sense of urgency, combine our best efforts to achieve it. We will nurture ownership behavior through clear accountabilities, recognition, and rewards. We will promote new ideas and new ways of thinking. We will value diversity and insist on an inclusive culture. We will enable Air Products’ people to contribute to their full potential.

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