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Career opportunities at INOX Air Products
We aim to help all our employees reach their full potential, in line with their abilities and interests. Together we'll plan a career for you within the Air Products group, in your home country or abroad. Career opportunities arise at INOX Air Products throughout the year suitable for individuals with different qualifications and experience at our many locations across India.

What are our criteria when selecting employees?
INOX Air Products is looking for customer focussed, innovative, results-driven team players who are also good communicators.

Vocational training at INOX Air Products
INOX Air Products is growing constantly and is permanentally on the look out for young people with university backgrounds.

What opportunities do INOX Air Products offer?
INOX Air Products offers vacancies to college and university graduates with 2+ years of industrial experience from all disciplines. For vacancies in Engineering the following degrees are required:
Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Science or Process Engineering. For vacancies in Finance, Sales and Marketing, we will consider any degree discipline.

There are three career entry options:
Direct entry
Career Development Programme (CDP)
Engineering Development Programme (EDP) for Engineering graduates committed to career
in Engineering

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