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Calibration gas mixture requirements are becoming increasingly demanding as analytical instruments become more sophisticated and accurate. Air Products has a wealth of experience in producing a wide range of such mixtures. Locally-held stocks of the most frequently used mixtures, supported by fast and cost-effective production of individual mixtures, ensure the highest level of service.

State-of-the-Art Mixture Filling

All our mixtures are filled using the most accurate and cost-effective technology. For most applications our filling systems use gravimetric filling (component addition by weight) on high precision weighing scales. This precise instrumentation and our technical expertise ensure that the rigorous tolerance requirements are always fulfilled.

Mixtures Traceability

Due to our thorough approach to quality, we are able to trace every mixture back to its original filling data. This data includes cylinder numbers, actual components weights and chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis results. In addition, Air Products supplies mixtures fully traceable to international reference standards, such as NPL (UK), NMi (Netherlands)and NIST (USA).

To help you select the optimum mixture for your application, Air Products has experts ready to advise you. Or order the knowledge paper : "Give Value to your Analytical Data: Calibration Gas Mixtures", jointly written by the National Metrological Institute and Air Products.


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